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A center of higher learning committed to the promotion

of wisdom, excellence, human dignity and

national pride in the Filipino.



The University plays an increasingly significant role in educating the youth

to become professionals imbued with ideals of a true Filipino

who stands prominently in the community of nations.

It commits to the advancement of knowledge and skills

and arts and science, teacher education, engineering,

technology and informatics, accountancy, business and economics,

agricultural sciences and other disciplines that may emerge in the future.

Toward this end, the University intensifies its educative processes

through instruction, research, extension and production

in the context of service, excellence and virtue.






  • Jose P. Laurel Polytechnic College (JPLPC) was created through Republic Act 5417 on June 15, 1968 as Jose P. Laurel Sr. Memorial School of Arts and Trades (JPLSr.MSAT).

  • It started accepting its first batch of first year high school students in 1970.

  • Six years after, JPLSr.MSAT was permitted to open the Two-Year Technical Trade Education and was accredited in offering Certificate of Technical courses in 1987 under DECS Order 56, 59 and 63.

  • Classified as one of the leading vocational schools in Region IV, JPLSr.MSAT was chosen as pilot school for the SEDP Curriculum in 1985 and awarded distinction as Regional Leader School for 1989 SEDP for Technology and Home Economics.

  • On May 21, 1992 through the Republic Act 7519, JPLSr.MSAT was converted to Jose P. Laurel Polytechnic College.

  • In 1996, the Commission on Higher Education granted JPLPC permission to other degree courses. It started offering the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology in 1997 and had its first batch of graduates in April 4, 2001.

  • Upon the approval of the Republic Act 9054 in March 21, 2001, the Batangas State University was created integrating JPLPC as one of its autonomous campuses in Batangas.

  • This led into the signing of a memorandum of agreement between the Department of Education, Culture and Sports and Batangas State University concerning the transfer of the JPLPC non-laboratory high school to DECS on May 8, 2001.

  • At present, six colleges, ie. College of Industrial Technology, College of Teacher Education,College of Engineering /Information & Communication Technology, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Accountancy, Business and Economics and School of Food and International Hospitality Management are in full operation at BSU-JPLPC offering a wide array of non-degree and degree courses to students coming from the different localities of Batangas.